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Kubota Diesel V3300-E/V3300-TE Series

An ideal match between cleaner exhaust and high power. The Multi-Valve E-TVCS V3300-E / V3300-TE Engines

Kubota's E-TVCS engine was the first in the world to pass the California Air Resource Board (CARB) ULGE (Utility, Lawn and Garden Equipment) regulations for diesel engines under 25HP in April, 1993. V3300-E / V3300-TE are the newest diesel engines to follow in its footstep.

Kubota's advanced technology uses a new 3-valve per cylinder construction that boasts high output and torque while keeping both vibration and exhaust emissions down to a minimum. Our aim is to achieve a harmonious existence between nature and technology. Kubota's V3300-E / V3300-TE engines mark a new beginning for engine possibilities.

  • Tenacious Peak Torque Control Mechanism greatly supports cleaner exhaust.
  • Large Capacity Side PTO is the largest in its class.
  • 3 Step-Valve Type Thermostat and an optional built-in balancer reduces noise.
  • Fan Attachment can be selected from 2 different locations to match the user's needs.
  • 3-Sided Maintenance (air-intake, front or the top) to select from
  • Oil Filter Position can be varied to simplify engine service operations.

Model Cyl Disp Turbo Fuel Power Curve
V3300-E 4 3.32L N Diesel 50.7KW (68.0HP) @ 2600 RPM
V3300-T-E 4 3.32L Y Diesel 61.9KW (83.0HP) @ 2600 RPM