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We have full range of Kubota Engines:

3600 (r/min) 3200 (r/min) 3000 (r/min) 2800 (r/min) 2600 (r/min)
Super Mini Series Super Mini Series Horizontal/AC/OC Series Super 03-M Series super 03-M Series
WG/DF Series Super Mini Series V3300 Series
Super 05 Series Super 05 Series
Kubota-Tough Engines: 6 to 83 horsepower, high power density, compact and lightweight, turbocharged options, liquid cooled, low noise and vibration, one-side maintenance. Kubota TOUGH-STUFF for your tough applications...World-Wide.


Kubota has a complete line of compact diesel and gasoline engines to meet the needs of all industrial, construction, agricultural and generator applications. A variety of options are available to customize Kubota engines to meet your specific needs.